Media Awareness on Road Safety

Show Impact of Road Traffic Accidents on Victims

Our Media Stations should show the burden of road accidents on peoples lives so that other people can learn from them

This can be done through:

The Country's GDP Goes Down

It costs the country up to Kshs.300 Billion (about 5% of GDP) every year when road accidents occur

People Die Every Day On The Roads

About 6,500 persons die because of road traffic injuries every year and many more are injured

Financial Losses

Major financial losses arising from hospital bills and property damages

Mental Health Issues

Some survivors suffer from mental health issues such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Advocate For Safety Standards

This will ensure that motorists are following the rules and regulations that help maintain their safety

They include:

Use of Safety Belts

All vehicles must be fitted with standardized and certified safety belts

Use of Speed Limiters

They are a mandatory requirement for all Commercial Vehicles and Passenger Service Vehicles (PSVs).

Exposing False Training Institutions

They should be fully accreditied by the relevant authorities

Enforce Drunk Driving Policies

To help reduce drunk-driving related accidents on the roads

Provide Civic Education

Our Government should help spread the awareness and importance of road safety to all its citizens.

The following can help create awareness:

Advocacy/Publicity Campaign

Through the use of electronic and print media to reach a large number of its citizens within a short time

Organize Regular Training Workshops

This will help remind the public on the importance of road safety and the purpose of traffic rules and signs