Future Projects

As we end the year on a sad note, with the highest number of deaths on our roads ever recorded, RSAK would like to step up our efforts in order to see this number decrease in 2023. This will be done by both engaging the private and public partnership (ppp) to mobilise resources to boost the following areas:-

Police Body Cams

We would like to equip all traffic police with body cams. By doing this, we will help curb the rampant corruption that has been difficult to weed out among our police. We will have well trained personnel monitoring the actions of the police 24/7. This will encourage our police to do the right thing on our roads, and by doing so, all unroadworthy vehicles, drunk and disorderly drivers will no longer be allowed our roads since they will no longer be able to bribe themselves out of it.

Civic Education

At RSAK, we are preparing to lobby for road safety to be included as a curriculum in our schools, we believe if road etiquette is taught to students at a young age, it will prevent bad road conduct in future, we will also introduce road safety at county levels whereby any road offender will be forced to attend road safety classes before being allowed back on the road.

We already have road sensitization education whenever we get invites, but we are looking forward to expanding this base.

Legal Team

In the past, we have sued various government authorities whenever they have failed in their duties, In RSAK, we are all about people taking responsibility for their actions or lack thereof. We want to provide justice to the voiceless and underpriveledged. For this, we need to retain lawyers who will be ready to take up this challenge. We will bring sanity to our roads.